If/Then: 4/19/14 Evening Performance

Idina Menzel sings “Take Me or Leave Me” from Rent with two fans who won the Broadway Cares auction they held that night. 

My apologies for the quality!! My phone was totally dying and on top of being in limited view in the last row of the orchestra to the far left, the girl next to me kept bumping me until I moved into the aisle. Also sorry for all the flipping! I got excited. Hopefully someone will have a better video up I am so sorry.

French history is my favorite. In the time(let’s start at 1789) the United States has had one government France has had five republics, two empires, and a handful of other dynasties/ruling families. 

France hasn’t exactly won a war in a few hundred years. They failed in Vietnam and just kind of shoved it to the United States to take care of. 

I fucking love the French. 

No offence but saying every time your buying a dog from a breeder is killing a shelter puppy is ridiculous, Shelter puppies come with no guarantee that they are healthy, or that they are 100% non aggressive, they also have no proof of what breed you are buying them, and incase you have forgotten there are shelters that don't euthanise animals for being there to long

I realize. Hyperbole. I know they aren’t always healthy. Two of the German shepherd puppies I had died of genetic heart issues that the shelter didn’t have time to catch(they were there for less than 24 hours). Most shelters do behavior tests so a dangerous animal won’t be put up for adoption. Breed isn’t that important. In fact, mutts tend to be healthier and avoid the health issues that comes with inbreeding. If you’re adopting from a shelter, breed is probably not a big issue. Breed itself should be considered but people care way too much. 

The Cleveland APL, the shelter I foster from, does not euthanize animals. BUT the thing with non kill shelters is that they have limited space. There’s one in Geauga County that will not take animals unless you set up an appointment which can take weeks. Because of the long term stays the older animals have there, there isn’t always space. 

So where do these unwanted pets or strays go? Very few are willing to or are even capable of keeping the animals for any longer. They are turned away and go to kill shelters or whatever. 

So basically, what I meant was that by getting a dog from a breeder(which I’m clearly not a fan of at all for so many reasons) means that there’s one less home for shelter dogs to go. Overpopulation is a thing. It’s a huge thing, more so with cats but still. Of course, if you want a puppy, you won’t help out one of the older shelter dogs who need the most help. But the point still stands. Every breeder dog out there that doesn’t have to exist at all is contributing to the overpopulation and leaves more dogs homeless.